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very well made, but a bit pretentious imho. I guess he is a war survivor and he is taunted by his past? are all those zombies souls of men he killed? those are a lot of people than.

The story took pretty long to make any sense. The dog didnt really attribute to the movie.

Personally I didnt like the periods of silence in the movie, but I guess that was intentional.

So its probably me and my lack of taste, but I didnt really get touched or moved by this.

Mogly responds:

That's cool man thanks for the honest review

So he is being a fucktard for so long already? somethings will probably never change... atleast he wont. but atleast he's amusing, so is this movie lmao

Nice tut, very extensive and clear. really appreciate the effort put into this.

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funny game with nice graphs and good controls. enemies enough and a funny story line.
I never died, weapons were very powerfull after a short time of playing. I never had to grind. Had a lot of crystals left and no boss ever got close to me.

So to easy imo

oef I kinda peed my pants a little when I saw this was out. I so much loved the old game. I am writing this review a bit prematurely I guess, since I am still playing, but I wanted to try a constructive review.

Its noticeable that a lot of thought has gone into this new version. its definitely very different, but also has the same atmosphere as the old game. As always the sounds are awesome

You have decided to incorporate the upgrade screen of the first game into the game itself. I cannot speak for everyone of course, but I personally dont like this concept. at least not in its current form. I have great difficulty in obtaining upgrades and often fail to hold of the zombies. Its also quite difficult to stop in time for a certain station or church.

RP are pretty rare to get in the beginning, some upgrades are expensive and take ages to complete. I tried upgrading this skill, but you give so many upgrade options, its difficult to figure out for what you should save RP. Also RP earned is just as easily lost. I had difficulty in deciding if I should make the stage to earn RP or stop to upgrade, since later stages get more difficult fast I was in a predicament constantly.

Why I also miss the old upgrade screen is the resting moments. This game actually goes on non-stop and this stresses me out a bit. prior you could enjoy the upgrade screen and rest a while.

Zombies are really hard to kill, and cost a lot of ammo, ammo replenishment is difficult.

I did not try changing drivers yet, since the driver and the passenger each auto-upgrade for their used skills, so my driver gets better at driving and my passenger better at shooting. I am not sure why I would change, since changing would mean increase in difficulty. Or am I missing something?

The surroundings seem simpler than the previous games, but I guess that will change when I move along in the game, it does however look much more cluttered. There is a lot going on and the chaos kinda makes it bit ugly. Lag isnt so much a problem for me, but sometimes it would stutter a bit when crashing into cars and zombies and roadblocks all at the same time.

So in conclusion I feel that you may have over dressed this game. The concepts are very nice, but they seem to be a bit to much. Difficulty is also a factor. What I would suggest is to maybe add an easy mode where everything could remain the same, but when you stop at a church, garage or whatever no zombies will attack you. This would still be a bit of a hassle since you would have to accelerate again, but I think I would enjoy the game more.

Ill rate the game on what it is. still awesome, with great visuals, sound effects and story lines.

gets laggy after a few levels, this was also the case in the previous version.
You earn money fast; I was never really in trouble and maybe died 2-3 times in total.
bosses were mostly easy.

it was entertaining, but not really

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like the way the dress is seethrough. pretty nifty

also you use some kind of texture on your drawings which are subtle but really nice.

wow dude, this is amazing. The way everything works out and not weird looking (as you would expect) is really stunning. Badass, wouldnt want to run into him

Foweb responds:

Thx dude. Makes me happy to read that :)

Awesome stuff, i would scout you but there seem to be multiple signatures under the different works. What's up with that?

TomAzza responds:

all this stuff has been done over the last four or five years, I never really settled on a way to sign my work,so I used to change it up. If you notice they're all signed TA or Thomas.

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